Settlement Agreements for Individuals

A sudden change in your working circumstances can be a worrying time.

If you are approached by your employer about a potential redundancy or voluntary redundancy, or if you have negotiated a withdrawal from the business for a sum of money, your employer may want all the agreed terms comprised within in a Settlement Agreement. This is a legally binding document designed to bring the employment relationship to an end on agreed terms so that each party can walk away on a clean basis.

Employment Law – Settlement

It is fundamental for an employee to clearly understand the terms and effects of the Settlement Agreement their employer puts forward. It is always an express term of any Settlement Agreement the employee obtains independent legal advice. At first glance Settlement Agreements can be quite intimidating but with our help, we can guide your through the legal jargon. We will ensure you understand the practical and implied obligations that continue to bind all the parties after a Settlement Agreement has been signed.

At Thomas Flavell & Sons, we can expertly guide you on all aspects of Settlement Agreements and best of all, our costs are usually covered either entirely or in part by an employer’s contribution.

If you require any further information on any aspect of a Settlement Agreement, please get in contact with Noel McNicholas on 01926 887700 or for a no obligation discussion.

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