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Matthew Healey, a former Director of the firm, is a qualified Notary Public.

A Notary Public is a lawyer who holds an internationally recognised public office, and is appointed by the Court of Faculties. Matthew`s notarial practice is regulated by the faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and is subject to the regulation of the Master of Faculties.

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Notary services for you

Matthew's notarial practice is operated totally independently of the practice of Thomas Flavell & Sons.

A Notary Public's main duty is to authenticate documents and forms for use outside of England and Wales. Any company or individual looking to conduct business or a transaction abroad is likely to require a Notary Public.

As a Notary, it is one of Matthew’s duties to ensure that the people appearing before him are properly identified and he will normally require to see a passport together with another item confirming the appearor`s address. All transactions by limited companies need to be supported by similar evidence of identity and the authority of the appearing officers of the company.

Matthew does not advise on the effect of the documents he is asked to authenticate. If Matthew is asked to work in a foreign language he does not understand sufficiently, he may have to ask for a translation or restrict his authentication.

How we can help

Some of the services that Matthew can provide include:

  • Tick bullets centre Witnessing the execution of documents
  • Tick bullets centre Authentication of signatures
  • Tick bullets centre Dealing with land and property overseas
  • Tick bullets centre Verifying the translation of documents
  • Tick bullets centre Legalisation of the notaries' signature and seal by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or embassy of the relevant country
  • Tick bullets centre Authenticating personal documents for immigration, emigration, working abroad or marriage overseas
  • Tick bullets centre Provision of Notarial copies
  • Tick bullets centre Authenticating the execution of Powers of Attorney for use overseas

Please refer to Matthew's standard terms and conditions of business.

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