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Settlement Agreement – Does the Employee have to return all the Employer’s Property? (Part 7)

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13th March 2023

The employer will usually require the employee to return any company property in their possession as a term of the settlement agreement. This can include items such as tools, uniform, laptop, smartphone, credit cards, keys and other equipment provided by the employer.

The employer may also require the employee to return any confidential information or trade secrets, and to refrain from disclosing or using such information after their employment ends. This would be covered by a confidentiality clause in the settlement agreement.

The settlement agreement will typically specify the date by which the employee must return the property to the employer (usually before or around the time of the termination date) and may include provisions for the employer to retrieve property if the employee fails to return it by the specified date. The employee should ensure all their own property has been removed from the employer’s premises by the termination date.

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