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17th December 2021
Property Fraud, it’s a real threat!

One of the hot topics at the moment is Property Fraud and what you can do to protect your property and avoid falling victim to this crime. We have all been told about Cyber Crime, but do you know what to do to try and prevent Property Fraud?

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18th November 2021
10 Reasons why you should make a Will

One of the most important decisions in life is generally the one that the majority of UK adults fail to make and that is to make a Will. Read on to understand why you should make a Will.

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26th August 2021
To Survey or not to Survey? That is the Question.

A Survey is optional but it can offer a Buyer an opportunity to obtain some independent and impartial advice from a qualified professional. So, why do buyers proceed without one?

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25th May 2021
Bringing your marriage or civil partnership to an end

An article on the legal ties of marriage and how they are brought to an end. One party may have had time to think about bringing the relationship to an end whilst for the other it may come as a complete shock.

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20th May 2021
Not worth the paper it’s printed on?

Another Will challenge has recently hit the headlines, Clitheroe v Bond (2021). The judge in the case of Banks v Goodfellow (1870) perhaps didn’t anticipate how their words would be repeated in Courts and legal textbooks over the next 150 years.

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30th April 2021
One Day All This Won’t Be Yours

Claims for maintenance and reasonable financial provision are on the increase and there has been a marked change in the number of children now claiming against the Estate of a deceased parent.

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