The Thomas Flavell team taking part in a fundraising activity

Community & Sponsorship

We are committed to playing a key role in our local communities; the communities have assisted us in our journey to success and we strongly believe it is important to give back.

Some of the work we do for the community involves pro bono work, educational support, building connections with local businesses, supporting local clubs and societies. We are passionate about helping local charities where our offices are based.

In 2023 the employees of Thomas Flavell & Sons have nominated two primary charities to support, Rainbows Hospice and Friendship Project.

Hinckley AFC

We take immense pride in our enduring partnership with a local football team in Hinckley, having faithfully sponsored the team every year since 2014. This longstanding commitment reflects our unwavering support for the team's aspirations and our dedication to the local community. As we continue to foster this enduring relationship, we look forward to contributing to the team's success and being an integral part of their journey on and off the field.

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Hinckley Rugby Football Club

Our enduring alliance with HRFC in Hinckley has been a source of immense pride for us, as we have consistently sponsored the team annually since 2013. This long-term commitment underscores our shared values and mutual dedication to the growth of both the team and the community. As we embark on another year of collaboration, we look forward to standing by the side of our beloved rugby team, supporting their endeavours, and reinforcing our commitment to the spirit of sportsmanship in Hinckley.

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Manor Park RFC

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Manor Club Rugby in Nuneaton, marking the commencement of our sponsorship in 2023. This collaboration signifies our commitment to supporting grassroots rugby and the local sports community. As we embark on this exciting journey with Manor Club Rugby, we look forward to fostering a relationship that not only strengthens the team but also enriches the fabric of sportsmanship in Nuneaton.

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Rainbows Hospice

Thomas Flavell & Sons started working with Rainbows in 2023. Rainbows provides care to hundreds of families and prides itself on being the next best place to home, when it’s needed most. Rainbows cares for hundreds of families every year who have a baby, child or young person with a serious or terminal illness that means that their lives will be shorter than most. The team took part in a 'It's a Knockout Challenge' in 2023, a Step Challenge and Halloween fun raising an incredible £2293.

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The Friendship Project for Children

Thomas Flavell & Sons started working with The Friendship Project in 2022. The Friendship project is a Warwickshire-wide charity that matches children and young people (who are in need, for a variety of reasons) with volunteers, for friendship and fun. The child may be caring for a sick parent or be limited to where they can go on holiday because of a disabled sibling or other family member. Our team have been working hard to raise awareness and money for this incredible Charity. In 2023 we delivered gifts to 45 Children at the Friendship Projects Christmas party, we have also raised £183.00 so far.

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