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Settlement Agreement – Why do I need a Solicitor and can Thomas Flavell & Sons help me? (Part 12)

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4th April 2023

From the employee’s perspective, a solicitor will need to certify a settlement agreement because the agreement may have legal consequences and it is important that the employee fully understands the terms and implications of the agreement before they sign it. A solicitor's role is to explain the terms of the agreement and the legal consequences of signing to the employee, including any rights they may be giving up. Additionally, a solicitor will ensure that the settlement agreement complies with the applicable laws and regulations. It is also important to note that certain conditions must be met for a settlement agreement to be legally binding on the employee; one of them is that the employee should have received independent legal advice from a qualified advisor, such as a solicitor.

From an employer’s perspective, a solicitor can advise on the matters that must be addressed in the settlement agreement to ensure finality for both parties.

In summary, a solicitor is needed to certify a settlement agreement to ensure that the employee and the employer fully understand the terms of the agreement which complies with applicable laws and that the requirements for a legally binding agreement have been met.

At Thomas Flavell & Sons, we can assist you in understanding the complexities of a settlement agreement at what can be a difficult or uncertain time for both parties.

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