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A Review of My Work Experience with Thomas Flavell & Sons

by Anuj Harish 10th June 2024

The two weeks I have spent on work experience with Thomas Flavell and Sons has been a transformative experience in my legal career. This reputable firm provided me with an invaluable opportunity to delve deep into the intricacies of English law.

Throughout my time with the firm, I was fortunate to work closely with lawyers in both the private client and conveyancing departments, gaining practical skills and insights that have shaped my professional development.

Working with the Private Client Department

I had the privilege of working with the private client department under the supervision of Saher Iqbal. This experience was instrumental in providing me with a comprehensive understanding of wills, probate, and lasting power of attorney (LPA) files. One of the highlights was gaining hands-on experience with drafting wills and LPAs using the ARKEN software, a tool specifically designed to streamline these processes.

Additionally, I had the unique opportunity to review a recently concluded contested will matter handled by Noel McNicholas. This exposure to a real-life contested case was invaluable, offering insights into the complexities and sensitivities involved in such disputes. Saher also took the time to explain the nuances of practicing as a solicitor in England and Wales, which was particularly beneficial for me as a foreign-qualified lawyer. This guidance was crucial in helping me understand the local legal system and its operational dynamics.

Insights from the Conveyancing Team

My time with the conveyancing team, mentored by Sarah Workman and Pardeep Kandola, provided a snapshot of a conveyancer’s day-to-day responsibilities. I had the chance to use their case management systems, which is integral to client onboarding as well as imitating the client journey. This hands-on experience was complemented by reviewing contract packs related to property purchases and engaging with Legalito to address various enquiries.

The practical exposure to these processes highlighted the meticulous nature of conveyancing work and the importance of attention to detail. Working closely with Sarah and Pardeep allowed me to understand the workflow and client interaction in conveyancing, enhancing my appreciation for the role's intricacies and the importance of effective communication in property transactions.

A Collaborative and Technologically Advanced Firm

My overall experience at Thomas Flavell and Sons was greatly enriched by the firm's inclusive and innovative culture. From the moment I joined, I felt like an integral part of the team. My colleagues were not only accommodating but also exhibited a friendly and supportive approach to any issues or questions I had. This welcoming environment significantly contributed to my learning and professional growth. Although I was on a work experience program, I was deeply moved by the firm's commitment to including me in initiatives related to mental health and wellbeing, weekly meetings, and office celebrations.

I was particularly impressed by the firm's commitment to adopting technology to enhance legal practice. The use of advanced software like ARKEN and Osprey exemplifies how the firm leverages technology to improve efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, the firm’s dedication to sustainability through paperless policies aligns with broader environmental goals, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to legal practice.


In conclusion, my work experience at Thomas Flavell and Sons was profoundly enriching. The mentorship I received, the practical experiences I gained, and the firm’s inclusive and innovative culture have significantly shaped my understanding and appreciation of the legal profession in England and Wales. This experience has not only broadened my professional horizons but also inspired me to incorporate these best practices into my future endeavours.