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Contentious Probate Series Part 6 - What is a Forged or Fraudulent Will?

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16th November 2023

A forged or fraudulent will purports to be a last will and testament that has been created or altered by someone other than the person whose name it bears, or that contains false statements or information. This type of will is not legally binding and can be challenged in court. If a forged or fraudulent will is discovered, the court may uphold an earlier will or distribute the deceased's assets according to the laws of intestacy.

This blog was written by Noel McNicholas, an Associate Solicitor based in our Leamington Spa office. If you have any questions concerning a contentious probate claim, please contact Noel on 01926 887700 or Click here to see his ReviewSolicitors profile where he is rated 4.9/5 stars out of 22 reviews.