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Thomas Flavell takes part in webinar designed to help law firms build an agile, digital-first culture

A photo of Lindsey Dewart
1st May 2024

How to build an agile, digital-first culture, which will empower employees and give law firms a competitive edge, was the focus of a panel discussion involving Thomas Flavell Solicitors, for the third episode in Osprey Approach’s second series of Build Better Habits webinars.

Hosted by Amy Bruce, head of marketing at legal software solutions provider Osprey Approach, the expert panel comprised Lindsey Dewart, practice manager at Thomas Flavell, along with Chris Bull, author of The Agile Law Firm and consultant at Edge International, and Joanna Gaudoin, managing director at Inside Out Image.

The panel covered several key areas during their discussions, including: -

  • What being an agile, digital-first firm means

  • The importance of having a common purpose

  • How to navigate change management across the firm

  • How firms can start to build a more agile culture

  • Top habits to ensure you’re a digital-first firm

Lindsey shared her insights into how firms can navigate change management across the business, sharing two best practices:

“When introducing something new, involve your team and allow them to trial processes and get their feedback. If the initial group are on board it helps to get the wider team on board. Not only does this process help iron out any challenges, but employees are given the responsibility to test and make the decisions on how we progress.”

Lindsey’s second best practice is that firms, “Provide regular training and support. We’ve used Osprey since 2016 and we still run training sessions at least twice a year. Things change, new features are added, and people can get stuck in bad habits, so we continually offer training to ensure employees use the technology in the best way.”

Amy Bruce said: - “This was such a valuable session for our attendees, where they had the opportunity to learn from our expert panel, who shared practical tips, guidance, and best practices on building an effective culture that empowers employees, adopt a digital-first mindset, and create an agile business to improve long-term success.”

Lindsey thoroughly enjoyed sharing her insights and best practices for the Build Better Habits series. You can watch the full episode on demand now.