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National Conveyancing Week - The start of the process

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20th March 2023

You have put an offer in to the Estate Agents on a house and they advise you that your offer has been accepted. This is an exciting time, as it is one of the first steps to owning your new home! The Estate Agent will ask you for your Conveyancer’s details, and you should then contact your Conveyancer to confirm the property details to them, and formally instruct them to deal with your conveyancing. It is prudent to decide on the Conveyancer you will use before putting in an offer, to avoid delays.

Your Conveyancer will set up a file for you and will let you have their initial documentation. Some Conveyancers will send this as email attachments, some will send forms in the post and some, like us at Thomas Flavell & Sons, will have an app or platform for you to complete and sign your forms. You will also, at that stage need to verify your ID with your Conveyancer, and also provide proof and source of funds for the money you are using to purchase the property. Your Conveyancer will normally ask for money on account of costs and searches. When the initial steps above have been completed, your Conveyancer can then apply for searches and start to check the Contract pack, which they will, by then, have hopefully received from the seller’s Conveyancers.

On a sale, the process is very similar. There will be more forms for you to complete giving details about the property you are selling. If you hold any old deeds, Guarantees, Planning Permissions etc let your Conveyancer have these at an early stage. Any relevant documents can then be sent through to the buyer’s Conveyancer as part of the Contract pack, along with the Property Information Form and Fittings and Contents Form which you will have completed.

In tomorrow’s blog, we will look at the Contract pack in more detail, what it should contain, and what information the documents in the pack give us.

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