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Love is blind

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28th September 2022
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People get married for a myriad of reasons. To solidify their relationship. To declare their feelings for one another to the world. To share with each other hopes and dreams.

The path to married life is usually a happy one. From the engagement ring #Isaidyes, to the planning and the arrangements. There is also much to consider: venue, dress, floral displays, table decorations, colours, themes, cake, caterer and music. The wedding day – after many months of meticulous planning and careful consideration - is an opportunity to come together with family and friends to celebrate their love.

In these early stages, very few couples are likely to give much thought, if any, to the end of their relationship. A relationship that is invariably viewed through ‘rose-tinted spectacles’ and one in which love is anticipated to prevail.

As of 2021, the average rate of divorce in the UK was around 42%. That means almost half of all marriages will come to an end.

Most people would be unwilling to enter into a contract that had long term legal and financial ramifications, particularly if that contract were to come to an end, without at first reading the fine print. Marriage is like a legal contract. Like any other contract, it creates a legally binding promise between two people to fulfil certain obligations. Unlike any other contract, it is generally entered into without much consideration.

Marriage can impact on money, property and pensions, including that which was acquired before the marriage. At the start of a marriage, there may be an expectation to share hopes and dreams. At the end of a marriage, there may be an expectation to share assets even where a prior agreement had been reached.

Marriage will also have the effect of revoking any prior Will.

It is very easy to get caught up in the magic but there are important legal considerations before you both say “I do”. Love may be blind but don’t be blind to the law.

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