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A Conveyancer's Perspective on a Supportive Workplace

A photo of Sarah Workman
by Sarah Workman 12th March 2024

Most, if not all, conveyancers would agree that our job is hard. It’s stressful, demanding and exhausting. Although, it is very rewarding when we can tell our clients that they can pick up the keys to their dream home, or that their sale has been completed and they will be receiving their sale proceeds. After savouring that moment very briefly, we then have to continue to assist our other clients who are not at the final stages yet and are anxious to move as quickly as possible.

Sometimes it does feel like we are machines that never switch off. However, it’s important for us all to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically, to ensure that we not only perform at our best at work, but that we also enjoy life, and can relax and unwind outside of work.

This is where your employer can play a big part. Working for a firm that values the team's wellbeing is crucial. Employers should recognise that staff who feel appreciated, who are supported and whose wellbeing is looked after, will actually be able to give more back to the firm.

Thomas Flavell and Sons place a high emphasis on the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. They also ensure that the team come together regularly to support each other, to celebrate each other’s achievements and to take a little time to enjoy personal and seasonal celebrations.

As an employee of TFS, I fully appreciate, and make the most of the perks offered by the firm! The first of which I will mention is Medicash. This was introduced to employees last year and replaced a different perk scheme. Employees of TFS, are entitled to an allowance towards dental care, optical care, online GPs, complementary therapy, alternative therapy (I had an Indian Head massage just because I could get it for free!), chiropody, health screening and also an allowance towards prescriptions! There is access to a skin vision app, (to check spots and moles), discounted gym membership, mental health helplines and also access to a further app which gives discounts on certain shops.

Vitality is another perk that is offered to employees after 2 years of employment. Vitality encourages you to keep healthy by giving rewards for gaining points. You can gain points by exercising, using the Headspace app, completing a health declaration or assessment, taking part in a park run, attending WeightWatchers or quitting smoking (to name a few). The idea is you get rewarded for simply looking after yourself. I regularly earn enough points to get a free coffee each week and get free cinema tickets at the end of the month. Vitality also gives members a hefty discount at Champneys, and I enjoyed a lovely relaxing (well-needed!) night away for a heavily discounted price.

TFS has also recently introduced corporate massage sessions. An amazing acupressure and deep tissue masseuse comes into the office to relieve our aches and pains, and this is all paid for by the company.

Monthly wellbeing breakfasts are held and staff are invited to also join those. Local companies and coaches are invited each month to discuss a variety of wellbeing topics and a local café provides a healthy, delicious, nutritious breakfast.

I think we can all agree that staff wellbeing should be one of the top priorities of our employers, and this is just one of the things TFS does well. If you are with a company that doesn’t prioritise your wellbeing, perhaps it’s time to wonder whether you are working for the right company?

This blog was written by Sarah Workman, Conveyancing Manager at Thomas Flavell and Sons. Based in our Leamington Spa office, Sarah is rated 5/5 stars on ReviewSolicitors, with a total of 54 reviews.