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The Dangers of Living in a Digital Age

A photo of Kelly Roberts
12th March 2020

Living in this digital age and having such a reliance on technology comes with many many advantages to help us ease through life. However, for all of the good things we love about it, there is always a flip side. There are also disadvantages and dangers that we all need to be aware of which can affect all of us in our daily life.

In particular, in our industry Cyber Crime is something which is becoming more and more prevalent. You have undoubtedly seen the horror stories in the news about scamming emails, we all get them but how can we protect ourselves?

The truth is that sadly, criminals are quite clever so we all have a responsibility to try and be one step ahead of them. Being diligent is absolutely vital! Here at Thomas Flavell & Sons, we are all very concerned about Cyber Crime and we take the security of our systems and data very very seriously but we can be victim to it in the same way as anyone else can fall victim to it.

All we ask of our clients to help combat this crime is to be aware of this potential danger and to always remain vigilant. We can assure you that bank details will NEVER change during a transaction. If you receive an email or telephone call from us asking you to send money, ALWAYS check with us first. Scammers are excellent at impersonating emails and they make them look as though it’s just a normal email to you from us. This is why it’s so important for us all to play a part to protect ourselves. Always make sure to call us on our main numbers and NOT any new number given to you by any potential Fraudster.

Despite tight security measures being in place, emails can and still will be hacked, it is an ongoing battle of the modern age.

To recap, if we ask you to send money and provide you with our bank details ALWAYS call us first to check the details you have received are correct. It’s also important to note that we will NEVER ask you to provide your bank details to us by email either so should you receive such a request, CALL US!

If in any doubt always pick up the phone and speak to us. ALWAYS call us on our main numbers only and please continue to remain vigilant at all times.