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Is Technology the Future for Conveyancing?

A photo of Kelly Roberts
30th August 2023

Is it accurate to suggest that the average person often feels the conveyancing process never becomes ‘any easier?’ Well at Thomas Flavell & Sons, we hear you and we are embracing all the technology that we can in an effort to try and make the transaction as smooth as possible.

This does mean we all have to embrace the change. We have seen our Fee Earners go “paperless” or “paper light” in the offices due to the technology making it possible for us to do that. We all know there are many good things that can come out of this, and it's also great for the environment. Being more Digital can surely only be a positive thing? Well, the world is becoming more and more digital and having the right technology available helps us be more efficient. We have to keep up as it continues to progress.

We have made the initial instruction stage digital so it is easier for clients to provide documents to us such as ID and source of funds. This is instead of a client receiving a bundle of paperwork in the post. We also use email now for practically everything, meaning no more postal delays. However, if a client doesn’t want this then we can easily adapt so that we work with you.

I do occasionally receive an original letter through the post but it’s very rare now. Most other law firms and estate agents have truly embraced email. It is so much quicker; this is perhaps a blessing and a curse in some ways but the common goal is to try and work as fast as possible whilst also delivering an impeccable level of service. Technology helps us achieve that but it shouldn’t ever replace legal experience and expertise.

I am still able to have and maintain a personal level of interaction with all of my clients but I also embrace the technology, they can work in tandem and they can work exceptionally well. Conveyancing can be a complex area of law but if the technology helps us make other areas of the transaction smoother, then it allows us to deal with the more complex matters. Again, this is why experience and expertise should not be replaced but be supported by technology. There is a difference.

I find nowadays everyone is just so busy that it helps also having the option of providing documents for clients to sign electronically. This can sometimes mean they are returned to us instantly, again, helping to speed matters along. It also doesn’t matter where in the world you find yourself as it doesn’t matter, we can send the documents to you to sign electronically.

Things have changed drastically in conveyancing from when I first started many years ago. Some have definitely been for the better and the introduction to the right technology has been crucial to support procedures/transactions. When I was training we didn’t even have email. Imagine that!

We pride ourselves here at Thomas Flavell & Sons on our advancement and willingness to move forward whilst still maintaining a personal level of service. If you would like to see more about our advanced conveyancing services, click here or get in contact with our team today.