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Food for Thought at Flavell's Wellbeing Networking Breakfast

A photo of Lucy Worrall
11th June 2024

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Dan Millman

Our recent Wellbeing Networking Breakfast certainly gave us food for thought on making and breaking eating habits. Sarah Grant, nutritionist, food and body confidence coach and founder of Gut Reaction spoke passionately about some of the most common challenges with habit change and shared strategies to help make the right habits stick. 

As someone who probably should focus a bit (lot!) more on their wellbeing, Sarah’s talk really struck a chord with me on where I regularly go wrong…. including trying to give up ALL the bad stuff in one go, signing up and paying for diet plans, as well as expecting immediate results! 

I learnt the importance of reflecting on what’s actually important to me, and focusing on making small changes and actions that in time will build into new positive habits, as well as the need to embrace the challenge and realise that it won’t be easy all of the time! 

Take deliberate, imperfect action consistently - and be compassionate with yourself along the way. Keep going and eventually your brain will turn your new behaviour over to your subconscious and the habit will flow more easily”, encouraged Sarah.

 It was a really useful and thought-provoking session. 

We also enjoyed a delicious and healthy breakfast prepared by Cynthia Tamraz from Café Desa. Her passion for well-balanced, nourishing food really shines through when she talks about the food she has created for us. We tucked into sourdough toast topped with cottage cheese and tomato salad, as well as protein balls, yoghurt with Cynthia’s own amazing granola as well as cold-brew coffee and matcha tea. 

The Wellbeing Networking Breakfast events are run in conjunction with the Warwickshire Wellness Warriors, a networking group for wellness professionals, founded by Meeta Darji, who invites a new speaker each month. For July we are looking forward to welcoming Lisa Cressy, a mindset coach, hypnotherapist and founder of SuperBEing. She’ll be talking about ‘Cultivating a Positive Mindset and Boosting Self-Confidence’. 

If you’d like to join us for this FREE event, held on the first Wednesday of each month, then book your place here: