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Efficiently Collaborating With Estate Agents

by Lyn Parsons 13th March 2024

When buying or selling a property, two individuals/professionals play an essential role. Your Conveyancer and your Estate Agent, and the relationship between the 2 is incredibly important.

This article will explore the importance of a strong connection between the Conveyancer and the Estate Agent and what benefit this brings to both sellers and buyers.

Once the Estate Agent has negotiated the sale of the property the role of a Conveyancer then comes into play. If acting in the sale, your conveyancer will prepare an issue of the contract pack to the buyers’ Solicitors and deal with any enquiries raised. If acting on a purchase they will check the contract pack, raise enquiries and carry out searches. Throughout this period and up until exchange contracts there are aspects that the Estate Agent is best suited to advise or help with. These include when the survey and/or valuation is booked in; being able to liaise with other Agents to provide timescales; and helping to negotiate dates. All of the above is not only on each side of the seller’s or buyer’s transaction but with the whole of the chain.

A strong relationship between the Conveyancer and the Estate Agent allows for effective collaboration. With a shared understanding of one another’s responsibilities, both parties are able to work together and communicate effectively to ensure a smooth and timely move towards the exchange of contracts and ultimately completion of the sale and purchase.

In addition, the effective passing of relevant information between a Conveyancer and an Estate Agent is paramount to a successful and seamless transaction. The stronger the relationship between the two, with effective communication to include updates and relevant knowledge shared, means that delays are minimised, and any issues are addressed promptly.

All of the above should have a positive effect on the client experience, leaving them feeling confident knowing that the transaction is being handled both with the best interests of the seller and buyer at the forefront of their work.

This blog was written by Lyn Parsons, Conveyancing Executive. Based in our Leamington Spa office, Lyn is rated 5/5 stars on ReviewSolicitors. To speak to Lyn about Conveyancing matters, please call 01926 400005 or email