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A day in the life of a Conveyancer

by Lyn Parsons 30th January 2023

A day in the life of a Conveyancer is filled with a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Our work involves overseeing sales and purchases of properties, re-mortgages, and transfers of property from one person to another.

I have been in Conveyancing, either as a Fee Earner or as an Assistant for many years, and I have noticed how different a day was some years ago, to how it is now.

Historically, there was a lot of paperwork involved, and physical paper files could be large and cumbersome. Correspondence would be dealt with only via post and DX exchange. I can even recall when I first started working in the Conveyancing Sector that local completions would be dealt with at the office of the Solicitors selling the property! The Conveyancer would come to the office with a client account cheque for the completion money. In return the sellers’ Conveyancer would hand over the signed and dated Transfer, together with any pre-registration title deeds and documents they held.

As time has moved on, more and more is dealt with electronically and most correspondence is dealt with by email. Similarly, files are exported into a Case Management system making physical files a lot smaller and far less bulky.

My working day begins early in Warwick, as I like to check emails received overnight or during the weekend, before the telephone starts ringing at 09:00. I will review the emails and sort them into ones which are urgent and need immediate responses, and the other emails which I then prioritise accordingly.

If I have completions taking place that day, I will have prepared these previously ready to proceed, and will liaise with the sellers’/buyers’ Solicitors to ensure as smooth a transaction as I can.

I will usually then chase up any impending exchanges to try and line these up to take place that day.

Next, I will typically begin working on ongoing cases and transactions. This usually involves reviewing contract papers, raising enquiries on a purchase, replying to enquiries on a sale, carrying out searches and reviewing these when they are received, checking mortgage offers, checking client proof and source of funds, etc. I will also spend time coordinating with other parties involved in transactions, such as Estate Agents, other Conveyancers and Lenders.

Throughout the day, I will communicate with clients to provide updates on the status of their transactions, and answer any questions they may have. Additionally, I may need to attend meetings with my clients, to go through the contract paperwork and to sign their Contract and other documents associated with the work carried out.

As my day comes to a close, I wrap up any pending tasks and prepare for the next working day.

In summary, my day is filled with a variety of tasks and responsibilities.

Being a Conveyancer is a very demanding but rewarding job, and I enjoy the responsibility of ensuring that property transactions are completed smoothly and efficiently. You can read some of my client reviews here https://www.reviewsolicitors.c...