Pension Sharing on Divorce - Study Published by Cardiff Law School

  • Posted: 26th March 2014
  • Author: Sue Harrison
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A study into pension sharing on divorce has been published by Cardiff Law School. The aim of the study was to show how and when pensions are included in financial remedy orders, since the introduction of pension sharing in 2000. The study involved a survey of court files and interviews with practitioners and judges. The findings showed that the number of pension orders is still relatively low, but suggest that pension sharing is a positive addition to financial remedies on divorce. Offsetting pensions against non-pension assets remains the most common way of approaching pensions on divorce.

Wives are usually the beneficiaries of pension orders, although husbands tend to have better income and pension provision in final orders and wives tend to have better capital provision. Greater rigour and transparency about pension disclosure and the intended effect of final orders might address some of this gender imbalance.

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