Countdown to Brexit!

  • Posted: 22nd June 2016
  • Author: Jamie Connolly
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Time has flown by since the EU referendum campaign kicked off on the 15th April; now we are just a day away from the pinnacle of a long campaign for MPs and politicians. Polling stations will be open between 7am-10pm on Thursday 23rd June. There will be a total of 382 polling stations where millions of voters will flock to during the day, but verification and totting up exact numbers of the vote will not finish until sunrise on Friday. The official National declaration is expected to happen at around breakfast time on Friday 24th, although that may not be the case if recounts occur across the 382 polling stations.

A brief timeline of significant events over the past few months begins with April 13th, the day when ‘Vote Leave’ was announced as an official campaign. On Friday 27th May, exactly 4 weeks before the culmination of the in/out referendum, ‘Purdah’ began. During this period, civil servants must not provide information on the referendum that has the potential to change voters’ views and opinions on each side of the argument. Now, over the past 3 weeks, there have been many public debates that have been broadcasted to us, including David Cameron’s interview on June 2nd on why we should #Remain, doing so in front of a live audience on Sky News. The penultimate debate took place last night on BBC1 where we witnessed MPs clash and put forward strong arguments for both sides. There will be a ‘finale’ broadcasted on Channel 4 on this evening. This appears to be a perfect opportunity for voters who are unsure on their views to finally decide.

There are many arguments for both leaving and staying in the EU, whilst some carry more weights than others. Significant benefits of remaining in the EU include retaining such a strong interdependence between ourselves and massive economic giants. More than 50% of our exports goes to members of the EU, so voting ‘out’ could result in difficulties for many small-midsized firms that sell their produce/products overseas in the EU. Additionally, many millions of British workers’ jobs are linked to our membership of the EU. It is believed that over 3 million jobs are in place because of our direct link to the EU. Unfortunately, there are no accurate numbers for the amount of jobs that would be jeopardised is we were to leave the EU.

As with every debate, there are strong benefits and drawbacks of backing either side. We can’t be sure of what affects Brexit will have on the legal sector at this time. One thing is for sure, if we do leave the EU the transition will not happen overnight and so the affects will not be known for some time. We have formed our view, have you?


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